Online Services

Our continued adoption of technological innovations gives Graphic Systems the ability to offer exceptional quality, speed, and convenience to our customers. We have developed a suite of online solutions, to help better manage promotions, graphic reordering, and asset management. We are dedicated to making promotions quick and convenient for our customers.

Asset Management

Our web-based Digital Asset Management system allows users around the world to collaborate, convert, and share their digital assets. Our Digital Asset Management supports 200+ graphics industry formats including psd, ai, pdf, eps, jpg, indd, qxd, as well as OPI and ICC support. Our system also supports hundreds of video formats as well as popular office document formats. Our Digital Asset Management solution is designed to help creative professionals in all industries.



  • A web browser is the only software needed to upload, view, modify, move, and remove their assets. The user does not need Adobe PhotoShop, Illustrator, InDesign, or Quark to view their assets.
  • Centralized asset location. All assets are located in the same place, which eliminates the problem of multiple versions in multiple locations.
  • Archive and restore files effortlessly.
  • Organization, speed, and transparency.
  • Eliminates other types of media storage.
  • Searchable and editable metadata.
  • PDF catalogs.
  • Online proofing tools.
  • Viewable logs.
  • Multiple views and searches.


Promotion Management

The promotion management system in an online system that allows the customer to manage and reorder graphics for past, current, and ongoing in-store promotions. There are several levels of access in this system that allows for multiple users and multiple levels of access. For instance, a district manager could reorder graphics for a particular store, while an administrator could change graphics or images for a series of locations, or reorder images for all locations.



  • Centralized database.
  • Browser based – can be accessed from any location with an internet connection.
  • Create partial or full re-orders of current promotional packages.
  • Create full promotions for production and distribution.
  • Manage store and fixture information.
  • Customizable by client.
  • This system is not provider specific.
  • Editable data.
  • Manageable user level access.
  • Searchable by multiple fields: store, store category, region, state, and city.
  • Contact database –contact information is integrated into the system.
  • Viewable promotion histories.
  • Connects to our Asset Management system.