The industry’s leading PVC board which is comprised of moderately expanded closed-cell polyvinyl chloride (PVC) in a homogeneous sheet with a low-gloss matte finish. It is rated as the brightest and the whitest PVC board on the market. It is lightweight yet rigid and durable, superior dent and scratch resistant, heat formable, and chemical resistant.


  • P-O-P Displays
  • Exhibits & Kiosks
  • nterior and Exterior signage
  • Photo mounting

Materal Specs

Prints Dbl Sided
Board Sizes
Board Thickness
WhiteYes48″x96″, 48″x120″, 60″x120″1-6, 10 , 13 19mm
BlackYes48″x96″3mm & 6mm
10 ColorsYes48″x96″ 3mm & 6mm


What are the fire characteristics of Sintra?

  • Sintra material will not support combustion by itself. It requires a flame source to burn. Sintra is a self­extinguishing material and will not continue to burn after the flame source is removed.
  • All gauges of Sintra pass the criteria of UL 94V­0, and UL 94­5V. These are industry standard fire tests.
  • Thinner gauges of Sintra, 1­4mm, also pass ASTM E­84 which is also known as the UL Steiner Tunner Test.

Why must I keep Sintra under 150F?

  • Foamed extruded plastics contain internal stresses. These stresses relieve themselves at elevated temperatures. If Sintra is allowed to reach 150F it will no longer remain flat and will warp and bow.

What happens to Sintra when used outside?

  • Sintra will change colors when used outdoors. The amount of color change depends on the original color, UV levels, and other exposure conditions. This is true of all materials that use organic pigments.
  • Sintra expands and contracts with temperature changes. This must be taken into account when mounting large sheets of Sintra outdoors.
  • Sintra, like most plastic materials, has less impact resistance in cold conditions. Thinner gauges have less impact resistance than thicker ones. For this reason 6mm should be the minimum gauge used for outdoor signage.

What does Sintra weigh in comparison to solid PVC?

  • Sintra is half the weight of solid PVC in gauges of 1­6mm. (0.700g/cm3) Sintra is slightly over 1/3 the weight of solid PVC in 10, 13, &19mm gauges. (0.500g/cm3)