Metallic C-Print


Metallic C-Print

Metallic C-Print Paper has the distinctive, attention-getting, glossy finish and metallic appearance that will draw all eyes to your work. Metallic C-Print Paper helps create striking, some say “glamorous,” prints with exceptional visual interest and depth that will appeal to professional photographers, specifiers and display designers seeking a dramatic look.


  • indoor Banners
  • POP signage
  • Trade show signage


Material Specs

Prints Dbl Sided
Roll Width
Media Thickness
WhiteNo 50"



  • Distinctive, eye-catching, metallic look
  • accenting quality, developing new business
  • Drives commercial sales interest for standard exhibitsand pop-up displays
  • Increased color gamut for stronger, brighter, more
  • vibrant colors
  • Natural-looking skin tones
  • Excellent D-Min for clean-looking whites
  • Higher D-Max capability for bold, rich blacks
  • Print size up to 50” x 164”.