Digital UV Printing

Direct digital printing has become the cutting edge printing technology, and Graphic Systems is on the cutting edge of its development. Direct digital printing has several advantages over other types of printing: film and plates are not required, and it prints on most roll and rigid materials.

All of our Durst Rho digital grand format printers use UV Ink Jet inks, which are resistant to fading and ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications. UV inks are also environmentally friendly.


  • No expensive film or plate making costs
  • Prints on virtually any roll or rigid substrate
  • No additional finishing, ready straight off the press
  • Shorter overall turn times
  • UV resistant inks
  • 8 color and white ink are available

Photographic Printing

Digital photographic printing offers the highest reproduction quality available, and our five Durst Lambda Photographic Printers allow us to deliver this quality to our clients. Our digital printers combine the quality of silver halide photography with the precision and speed of digital imaging by writing directly to photographic materials from digital imaging files. This gives us the ability to increase our production rate and volume, while giving you the best possible image quality. Our digital photographic materials are: C-Prints, Dura-Trans, and Metallic C-Prints.


  • Superior color saturation, PMS color matching, greater detail, and sharper type than other processes
  • High image quality with clean grades. Each color pixel is specified by one of 256 distinct levels of red, green, and blue information and is imaged as one continuous tone print; achieving 16.7 million colors
  • Outputs large format prints directly from digital file without the detour of a negative onto photographic materials
  • Prints up to 50” x 164”