Vertical Flip Display

Window Display

  • Cost effective Styrene
  • Easy installation using existing fixtures
  • Won’t block store view
  • Two messages, one display
  • Low cost shipping rolled in tubes

Wall Display

  • Attention grabbing design
  • Easy installation using proprietary templates
  • Won’t block store view
  • Two messages, one display
  • Easy to remove

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  1. Jack Mattes July 21, 2015

    Simple and eye-catching option for small wall-mounted graphic elements. The installation video truly helps to illustrate how easy this would be to install, and as importantly, how to remove once outdated.

    The window graphic application would benefit from a similar video, as it is not as easy to understand how the ceiling hooks which hold those strips would be attached, and how large a vane each hook can hold in a window heated by the sun all day.